It is a world plagued by political upheaval, conflicts, and exploitative capitalism; we are a planet on the verge of implosion. An even greater threat to our existence that is silently creeping on us is climate change.

Sadly, we are generally unaware of the carbon footprint on our world's health. Burning of fossil fuels releases carbon into the atmosphere. These elements accumulate here if there is limited bio capacity to absorb the emissions.

The visible human activity consequences for our future have increased the importance of world environment day 2022. This day was set aside by the United Nations to boost awareness and action to protect our environment.

This year’s anniversary is special as it points to fifty years since the first world environment day took place. Although the world has taken huge steps in fighting climate change, it is just the dump of the iceberg of what needs to be done.

As world environment day is celebrated on June 5, 2022, we focus on our environment. How do we protect our world for the future generation? Although we are not the first generation to kickstart our planet's destruction, we are the first to try to be fully aware of the impact of human activity on our existence. That is why we will show you how to reduce your carbon footprint in simple ways to make the world a healthier place.


Conserve Water

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This year the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change warned the world that water availability is significantly threatened. Severe water scarcity affects over three billion of the world’s population annually.

Climate change is altering precipitation patterns. These alterations have adverse outcomes on the global water cycle. But there’s more. Glacier retreat and the thawing of permafrost are taking the world to a place of no return.

The consequences are dire. Although global warming means more water, only a limited quantity is drinkable. The only drinkable water on earth amounts to 0.5% of the planet’s total water supply.

Conserving water is one way to ensure that future generations have access to drinkable water. By using less water, you are reducing runoff and preventing excess wastewater that eventually ends up in our oceans.


Use less land to produce more food

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Large-scale agriculture has triggered a massive land conversion. The consequences of increased human demand for food are freshwater overuse, deforestation, and water pollution.

Industrial farming is responsible for consuming 70% of the world’s supply of fresh water. Fertilizers used in farming pollute our already depleting drinking water supply. The clearing of trees to make room for more farmlands is devastating habitats and exposing us to climate change.

We must demand that the administration leverage technology improve food production without using excess land. With the help of satellite images, it is easier to analyze and locate places with the highest local performance potential.

Governments can utilize this information to create farmlands that can expand without destroying nature. By putting pressure on them to take action, we can make this a reality.


Stop Overfishing

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Fishes, like most organisms, play a crucial role in their ecosystem and food web. Sadly, excessive fishing and poor management of vital fisheries are damaging the ocean ecosystem. Especially, countries in the developing world have the biggest challenges because there is a paucity of data on fish species caught and their quantities in these nations.

Another major challenge is a lack of political will to prevent overfishing, particularly of threatened or endangered fish species. These failings have dire effects on our existence. Should we fail to drastic action, we may wipe out 84% of fish stocks worldwide within our lifetime.

We must demand that governments provide fishers with tools to help provide data on their catches. Countries like Indonesia now use machine learning and artificial intelligence to recognize fish species and monitor their numbers. This action prevents excessive fishing. You can also make smart seafood choices to discourage overfishing. Visit to check the status of any fish species you wish to consume.

Shop Wisely

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Avoid buying plastic. Carry a reusable bag along when shopping. Always prioritize items with recyclable packaging. Buy foodstuff that is already in season and from local farmers where possible. This act discourages the shipping of food over long distances. Also, use reusable containers to store food to reduce the impact of additional packaging.

Although pre-washed items are more convenient, they are more expensive and harm the environment. Buy your regular produce and wash it at home. Purchase used items. This act helps reduce the carbon footprint left during the manufacturing process. Opt for biodegradable clothing when clothes shopping.


Increase Clean Energy

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One of the notable carbon footprint facts is that fossil fuel burning is the primary global warming trigger. World Environment Day is a time to advocate for a behavioral change. We have to actively contribute to harnessing and utilizing clean energy.

People should be more energy efficient. Use light bulbs that are long-lasting and conserve energy. Always turn off the lights when you are not around. Learn to recycle and reuse. Push for the government expenditure on clean energy generation.

Greenhouse gas emission is one of the most common carbon footprint gas emissions and the bulk of them come from power generation. Solar, wind, and water are great sources of clean energy.

Plant Trees

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This World Environment Day 2022 is the time to plant trees. They are a great asset in preserving our planet. Trees are our oxygen source. They also provide us with food and nourishment. Planting trees helps to curb erosion, waterway pollution, and flooding effects. Trees also provide a home, protection, and a veritable habitat for humans, animals, and other esteemed members of our ecosystem.


Volunteer and Educate

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You can play an active role in curbing climate change. You can be a volunteer in your community, participate in cleanups, safeguard your watershed, or plant trees to help save our planet. Also, educating people to help them grasp the implications of their actions is a very crucial way. This education should start early age, but it is never late. In schools have students try out a carbon footprint quiz. They should also learn how to use a carbon footprint calculator for kids. This tool will show them how much carbon emissions they are generating.


Bike More

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Cars are one of the major causes of carbon footprint. Biking is a pollution-free transportation method that can save our planet. It reduces the need for cars, a major pollutant. Bicycles also help to conserve spaces for buildings and roadways. This gives plant life an opportunity to thrive. Most importantly bikes reduce the need to manufacture or dispose of automobiles.


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