Has your dog been sleeping on the floor even though you just bought him an expensive bed and don’t know why he doesn’t use it? Well, don’t worry as this page will help you understand the different causes and will maybe help you train your dog to use it.

Reasons your Dog is Sleeping on the Floor

There are many reasons why your dog may prefer to sleep on the floor. One of the most common reasons is that if it’s the dog’s first ever bed. He might not know what exactly it is or how to use it. You might have to teach him how to use it. A few other reasons are as follows:

a Labrador is sleeping on the floor

It’s too Hot

Dog’s body temperatures are more sensitive than ours and they feel hot pretty quickly. So, if you notice your dog preferring to sleep on the floor it’s because the bed is too hot for him and the floor provides some sort of cooling which they enjoy, the underside of a dog is naturally less furry so laying on the floor keeps them cool and helps them to regulate their body temperature.

The Bed is Small

Have you spent hours finding the perfect bed for your dog and when you show it to him he hates it? The reason for this is that dogs are extremely picky sometimes. If the bed is too soft or too hard they won’t use it. Another reason could be because the bed is too small. It might still fit him but when he lies on the floor he has the option to lay anywhere on the entire floor but in the case of the bed it’s just one spot that he has the option of.

Dog in Pain

If lying on the floor is something new that your dog has been doing. It could be medically related so it’s best if you check him out by your local vet just to make sure the furry creature doesn’t have any medical condition. Often when dogs are in pain they want to lay down on a cooler surface but the soft bed will only make the pain worse. It is very important that he sees a vet if he is showing signs of pain because it could be serious.

Dog is Aging

Arthritis is very common in aging dogs. Arthritis causes pain in muscles and joints. If you ever experienced muscle cramps you would know that stretching is the best way to ease them. The same is the case for dogs. Sometimes they just want to lie on the hard ground to crack their muscles which they can’t do when laying on a soft bed.

Partial blindness can also come with aging. So, if you want him to sleep on the bed it’s best if you scent it so he knows where it is otherwise he will just sleep wherever he wants. Pet portraits Australia can help keep your dog’s memory a constant part of the household.

Showing Jealousy

If you notice this behavior when you bring a friend home it means that your dog might be jealous of them or they might be overprotective over you. If the dog sees a new face he will prefer to sleep somewhere he can keep a close eye out so he can protect his human if something happens. And he can also be jealous and lay there so you can take notice and him all the attention.

Dangers of Sleeping on the Floor

Although sleeping on the floor is not necessarily bad for your dog, it’s best to get him used to the bed. As a dog grows, it might develop arthritis or other joint problems. So, even though they would prefer the floor, medically it’s best if they sleep on a soft surface. And it doesn’t even have to be due to a medical reason.

If you notice your dog struggling to get up, he might need something to support him when doing so like a bed. Orthopedic dog beds are designed to help dogs with conditions such as hip dysplasia where the joint in the hip can pop out of place. If he sleeps on the floor then it can make this worse and more painful.

How to Stop Dog from Sleeping on the Floor

If you are trying to get your dog to sleep on the floor to avoid later problems in life following are the things you should do:

a lab is sleeping on the floor

Get a Better Bed

Number one is getting a better bed. Since dogs are very selective, their beds should be made with very comfy material. If you live in an area where it’s very hot, it’s best to get your dog a cooling bed so he can be comfy. If you have an elder dog that is prone to bladder leakage, orthopedic waterproof beds are literally the best thing to exist. It will not only be comfortable for his joints but it is also as you can tell by its name waterproof.

Bribe with Treats

Giving treats to your dogs is the best way to train them to do something. So, if you want them to start sleeping on the bed, that’s what you got to do. If it still doesn’t work, try spraying a scent they like on it to see if it works.

Consult a Veterinarian

If your dog is not listening and just doesn’t want to sleep on the bed, it might be because something is going on with his body and it’s best to check it out by your local vet.


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