Seeing your dog lick another dog’s eyes can be weird at first if you don’t know why. It can be due to many reasons like greetings, stress or it can be licking due to an infection which will be explained later in this blog. You can try to figure out the cause and what you can do to cure or stop it as well. You can also figure out the difference between normal licking and obsessive licking if you continue reading below!

Reasons Why Dogs Lick Each Other’s Eyes

Before we figure out how to solve the licking problem, it is important that we know why it happens in the first place. Continue below to find out why do dogs lick each others eyes:


One of the first reasons is that the dog is just being playful. It might not be a pleasurable experience for you if the dog licks you but to them, it’s a sign of trust and a way of communicating. It’s their way of showing that they are comfortable. And if they are licking other dogs it’s like their way of saying hello and that they want to be friends.


Another reason why your dog licks other dogs is that they might like the taste of it. This is not surprising because some dogs seem to literally eat everything they see! You can figure this out by noticing if your dog is being submissive or not. If your dog is not submissive it means that they just probably like the taste of it.


Just like cats, dogs like to groom themselves too. They cannot lick their own face or back so, they get help from other dogs and do the same in return. So most of the time you see dogs lick each other’s eyes it’s probably them just trying to groom themselves. It’s also their way of bonding. They will lick other dogs in different places and they will get licks back. Is your dog looking extra fresh after their grooming session? Custom animal portraits can be made to capture their beauty!


Licking can be considered a sign of submission. You can tell that a dog is submissive if another dog is showing signs of aggression and they start licking them. Another sign of submission is when your dog meets other dogs and it starts licking them to show that it’s not a threat. Dogs licking can also be a greeting when they see each other after a while and your dog licking you can ease their separation anxiety.

When Should You Stop This Behavior

a close-up of a dog's face showing his eyes are red from infection

Although licking is a cute behavior it can have some concerns too. When the dog starts licking obsessively or when you notice any discharge coming out of the eye that is when you should maybe get them to stop and get your local vet to check the eye out as the eye could have an infection and the obsessive licking will only delay the healing process. But other than that, do not discourage them as it is their sign of showing love.

How to Stop Dogs from Licking Each Other’s Eyes

A dog is licking the eyes of another dog

If your dog’s licking behavior has become obsessive and you want to get your dog to stop, the best thing to do first is not to encourage them. The more you give them attention the more they will do it. Secondly, give them something else to lick or chew on like a toy or a bone. And if your dog still doesn’t listen try putting him in a dog training facility so he can get trained by professionals. Finally, make sure to reward them for their good behavior. Once they stop licking give them a treat so they know that that’s the only way they can get it.

Consult a Veterinary Behaviorist

If you cannot get your dog to stop licking and its licking behavior is starting to cause problems, try consulting your local vet to see what the problem is. Obsessive licking can be due to many reasons like they can be stressed or anxious. Although licking helps calm dogs down, doing it obsessively can damage their skin so when you see the signs, it’s best to get a professional to check it out.

Deter To Lick Something Else

If you are trying to get your dogs to stop licking each other, one of the best things to do is distract them. Give them something else to lick like a treat, a bone, or even a chew toy. A lot of dog owners give their dogs a spoon of peanut butter to distract them from whatever they were previously doing. You can even get anti-lick sprays or bitter sprays to stop your dog from licking what it should not be licking.

Don’t Reward It

Another way to stop your dog’s licking behavior is by not rewarding him. Encouraging your dog or giving your full attention to your dog will only make him want to do it because in their head this behavior is a positive thing. So, don’t give him your attention and don’t reward him.

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