In a nutshell, kittens are living, breathing, fluffy cuteness. But a kitten's lovely size is one of the key aspects that we find incomprehensible. But a cat must mature, regardless of how much we might want them to stay little. How long does it take, though? How will we know whether our cat has reached adulthood? This manual will help you comprehend how your cat develops.

When Do Cats Stop Growing?

The breed of your cat may have an impact on its size and behavior. In fact, it might even affect how big they develop. For instance, the major determinant of a cat's fully grown size is a cat's genetics and breed.

British Shorthair Cats

One thing that draws attention to people about these cats is their size. They are a slow-maturing breed, and it takes them three years to reach their full size. Male adults weigh an average of nine to seventeen pounds, while female adults weigh an average of seven to twelve pounds.

Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls take their time growing up and continue to act like lively kittens for many years. They are, therefore, a fantastic fit for households with small children. Ragdolls grow in spurts until they are about four years old, whereas the ordinary cat is mostly grown by the age of one. A Ragdoll needs to eat a lot of food to support its growth until it reaches adulthood.

Persian Cats

Persian cats normally stop growing around the age of two. Persian cats mature a little later than most cats, which typically achieve their maximum size between the ages of 9 and 12 months. Persian cats need about 24 months to reach their typical medium-size and weight range. Persian cats mature and reach their maximum size more slowly than other common domestic cats because of the rarity of their breed. Get cartoon cat portraits to celebrate the beauty of these majestic creatures.

Maine Coon Cats

most Maine Coons go through growth spurts at roughly the same time. Your cat should gain about 1 kilogram every month from the third to the seventh. Growth spurts in Maine Coons typically occur between weeks 32 and 50. The growth of your cat will slow down after nine months, but it won't stop. When they are four or five years old, Maine Coons, which grow more slowly than other breeds, have reached their full size.

Growth Milestones in Cats

Some growth milestones in a cat are:

a British shorthair cat is sitting on a brown couch and staring at the camera

Newborn to Six Months

Cats that are just born will have their ears folded and their eyes closed. They won't have teeth, and they might have bright pink gums, noses, and paws. Around 4 to 5 days after birth, the umbilical cord will be attached and will naturally fall off. The claws will not retract. They are unable to hear or sight at this age. Therefore, their primary means of exploration are through smell and by looking for warmth and comfort. Around 2 weeks, they start opening their eyes and start to hear. By the third and fourth week, they can smell things and can spot their mother. By 7 to 14 weeks, they can start playing, and you can determine their physical skills. And by 6 months, they can start getting litter trained.

Six Months to Twelve Months

 6 months is usually its ranking period. Around this age, they will determine how dominant or submissive they are, especially around humans. And they can start challenging humans. At around 8 to nine months, if not spayed or neutered, it will be the beginning of sexual behavior.

1 Year to 7 Years

Most people now view your kitten as an adult cat at the age of one. By the time they turn one year old, most cats are fully grown; as a result, your cat will continue to develop psychologically. Always use kind and encouraging training techniques, and a good scratch behind the ears can help a lot.  At around 7 years, you will notice changes in the cat’s behavior, such as they might be sleeping more or they don’t prefer their favorite food anymore, and this is completely normal and comes with the growth process.

7 Years to 15 Years

The older the cat becomes, you will notice changes in activities like they don’t run around anymore, and they prefer just to sleep. However, you can encourage them to get some exercise by maybe getting a younger kitten as a sibling. Seeing the younger one running around might motivate the cat to play too. However, there are some downsides to old age. Arthritis common in animals, and it can cause a lot of problems for them. And another thing is that you have to keep in mind that they won’t be here forever. Their life will come to an end too, so spend as much time as you can with them.

Factors Affecting A Cat’s Growth

Some factors affecting a cat’s growth are:

a Bengal cat is looking at something and walking towards it


Breed-specific differences in kitten growth rates result from complex combinations between environment, diet, and genetics. Regardless of breed, kittens' health and development depend on proper diet, which also has a direct impact on their immune systems and body types. The amount of food supplied and the nutrient density of the diet can make the difference between optimal and maximal growth.

Spay/ Neuter

Contrary to popular perception, neutering young animals does not prevent them from growing. However, it may affect the metabolic rates in cats. Kittens are unaffected by anesthesia and surgical treatments; morbidity is lower, and recovery is quicker than in adult animals.


Everything about cats is predetermined by their inherited traits, including their personality traits and toe count. Ragdolls are soft, Sphynx cats are hairless, Persian cats have smushed faces, and Siamese cats are talkative because of their genetic makeup. Researchers have discovered through genetic sequencing of chromosomes that cats have genetic mutations that predispose them to acquire various diseases, even though many diseases are multifactorial. Even some of these ailments are breed-specific.

Final Verdict

If your cat stops growing, there’s usually nothing to be worried about so long as they are healthy and active. However, if they stop growing way early on, a vet visit is recommended to ensure nothing too serious is going on. Enjoy your little balls of fluff!