Have you ever been in a situation where you need to give your dog a bath urgently but you have run out of dog shampoo? Well, no need to worry because baby shampoo is the next best thing and is completely safe for dogs, unlike regular human shampoo. Can you use baby shampoo on dogs? Let’s find out!

The pH Balance of a Dog

Since dog skin is more alkaline than human skin, its normal pH should be around 7.52. This means that it requires more care to maintain its natural levels. If this pH is disrupted, then the dog’s skin will become irritated and it will have a higher risk of bacterial infection. If you are looking to balance your dog’s pH levels, the best thing to do is to put them on a natural diet. That means no commercial food, only raw meat, and greens.

Skin Sensitivity in Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from sensitive skin and have different skin irritations. This can be caused by many reasons like allergies, the environment, pH levels, and even genetic reasons. The most noticeable sign that the dog’s skin is irritated is when it is scratching its skin and when the skin looks dry and red. Some remedies to treat this are by first visiting your local vet to diagnose the issue, then trying to change their diet to see if it helps. Lastly, when washing the dog, make sure to use a shampoo made for sensitive skin to avoid irritating the skin more.

Difference between Human Shampoo and Baby Shampoo

The main difference between regular shampoo and baby shampoo is that baby shampoo uses fewer chemicals and cleansers than normal shampoo. This is to avoid hurting their skin. Many of us have probably experienced the burning sensation when we accidentally get shampoo in our eyes. This does not happen with baby shampoo. The ingredients in baby shampoo lack these harsh chemicals to avoid torturing the poor baby.

Is Baby Shampoo Safe for Dogs?

A little girl is petting a dog that is in the bathtub and taking a bath

Dogs need to be bathed at least once a month to ensure the protection of their skin and coat. Bathing them with dog shampoo is the best and safest option to go for but if you ever run out and need to wash your dog, baby shampoo works wonders. Not only is it safe for sensitive skin it also does not include harsh chemicals that may disrupt the healthy pH of your dog. This type of human shampoo is the best. Do not use regular human shampoo on dogs as it will burn their skin and cause irritation. Even though baby shampoo is safe for dogs you should only use it as a last option and make sure to thoroughly rinse the fur after you’re done.

Can I Use Baby Shampoo Regularly for my Dog?

Generally, dogs only need to be bathed once a month whether it’s with dog shampoo or baby shampoo. But if you want to take your dog a bath more than once, try using moisturizing shampoos as your dog’s skin might become dry. Remind yourself that your dog only deserves the best by getting a pet portrait painting for your living space.

Can I Use Baby Shampoo on a Dog with Dry Skin?

Typically, baby shampoo is a safe option when it comes to taking your dog a bath because it does not contain any chemicals and is fragrance-free but this does not mean that you can wash your dog with this regularly. It will disrupt the pH levels of your dog as it’s still a human shampoo and a human’s pH levels are different from that of a dog. And bathing them regularly in baby shampoo will cause their skin to dry and blister up.

Can I Use Baby Shampoo on a Dog with Allergies?

While your first option should always be regular dog shampoo, if you don’t have a choice, then yes, baby shampoo is fine to use on dogs, even those with allergies. Baby shampoo is a product designed specifically for sensitive skin as it does not contain any harsh ingredients, but just to be sure, consult your vet if you are concerned.

Can Baby Shampoo Kill Fleas on Dogs?

Yes! Baby shampoo can kill fleas on your dog. The shampoo can trick the fleas and suffocate them. When taking them a bath, make sure to properly lather up the skin and leave it to soak for a few minutes. Then you can go ahead and wash it off. This does not only work with baby shampoos, but all types of soap can kill fleas. It just depends on the type of skin you are dealing with.

Is Human Shampoo Safe for Dogs?

Close-up of a dog's face while it's being dried after just taking a bath

If you run out of dog shampoo and cannot find one, then just keep in mind that using regular human shampoo on a dog is a big no. The pH levels of humans are much different than those of dogs. What this means is that the shampoo will cause the dog’s skin to blister and tear up. Baby shampoo, however, is safe to use.

Can I Use Human Shampoo in Emergencies?

The answer is no! You cannot use regular human shampoo for your dog even if it is an emergency. You will make the emergency worse as your dog’s skin will become irritated and cause your dog to be vulnerable to parasites and bacteria. It is too acidic for dogs. Try finding a shampoo that does not contain any chemicals like regular baby shampoo. A lot of dog owners prefer to use this type of shampoo for their dogs.

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