We have all probably gone through the same process of asking our parents to get us a dog. Oftentimes, we get the same response. Initially, it's always a no. Whenever kids suggest getting a dog, parents will most possibly hear the negative things like furniture and household damage, the waste lying around the house, additional expenses, and more work to try and do.

There are specific methods that may help you win your parents over. Talk is reasonable so let your actions show. Here are more convincing ways to persuade your parents to adopt a dog.

Be on Your Best Behavior

You can’t have something for nothing. Life doesn’t work like that. If your parents are stressed with your evil behavior, there's no way they’ll get you a dog. Think about your behavior. What does your parent get mad about it? What’s the most irritating thing you are doing that frustrates your parents? Do you know what infuriates your parents the most? Whatever it's, stop doing it. Once you've got a record of the improved behavior, they might actually consider getting you a dog. The reason you need to be on your best behavior is that it tells parents that you can take care of the dog and be responsible.

Approach the Idea of a Dog

Do some research to determine what type of dog you would like and why. Whether you wish for a little dog or a big dog, explain your reasons for wanting a specific breed of dog. This may show your parents that you simply have put time and energy into getting a dog. Talk to your parents about the advantage of getting a family dog. Having a dog is additionally great for the complete family the dog can strengthen family bonding moments. And what better way to show that the dog is now part of the family than by getting a custom dog portrait!

A dog sitting next to his custom dog portrait

Talk About the Benefits

To convince your parents more, you have to come up with the benefits of getting a dog. With a touch of research, there are lots of benefits that you can just show. Inform them that, first and foremost, having a family dog teaches responsibility. Dogs can bring joy to your household. Dogs can help convince you to become more active and physically fit. A good dog allows owners to understand the outside even more. Dogs need exercise, so enlighten your parents that having a dog around can help you appreciate the outside more.

Show them You Are Responsible

Though you must show your parents that you're capable of getting a dog by being responsible, you'll be able also to tell them that having a dog will make you a good, more mature, and careful person. As mentioned earlier, you would like to convince your parents through deeds, not only through words. Help round the house and fulfill your household chores. Get your homework ready. Maybe also try getting a part-time job. These decisions will prove that you simply may be as responsible as the next adult.

Do All Your Chores

As soon as you get out of bed during the day, make your bed. The aim is to actually impress your parents so they got no choice but to provide you with what you would like. In fact, get up a bit before usual so before your mom or dad come to wake you up, you're already sitting on a made bed. Parents hate a messy room because they know they will be the ones who will end up cleaning it up. Instead of leaving your bedroom with a mess daily, ensure it's always spotless. Hang your clothes up within the closet, put your shoes on the rack, and put your sweet wrappers in the trash.

Try Dog Sitting

There are many people that have to have their dogs taken care of after they get away on business trips or on vacation. You can go around your neighborhood and ask if there's anyone who needs a dog sitter. Perhaps you know someone who has a dog painting that suggests that they own a little fur baby? Obviously, you must ask your parents if you can try this first. But together with your good behavior and the fact that you’re educating yourself about dogs, there's a high chance that they will say yes. When you get your first dog-sitting job, ensure that you just do everything possible to impress your parents along with your dog-sitting skills. They have to trust that you will be ready to take care of the dog after they adopt one for you.

A woman is walking three dogs on leashes

Enjoy Your New Puppy!

Congrats on your fantastic attempt to get your parents to get you a dog. We can’t guarantee that this will work, but what we do know is that if you're really serious about getting a dog, there's a high chance that your parents will actually consider it. It is also important that you seriously consider whether you would like a dog because they have feelings. You don’t want to harm them by abandoning it. Unfortunately, many folks buy dogs and leave them after a few months. Typically this happens because it soon becomes apparent how expensive and time-consuming it is to take care of a dog. And if you do end up getting one, enjoy your time with it because it will be the most fun days of your life!