Golden retrievers are a worldwide known dog breed mainly known to be a good companion and a good way to get work done as well as they used to be working dogs.

What is a Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in the United States. The quality that they possess makes them suitable to become working dogs. Golden retrievers are competitive, obedient, and athletic.

A Golden Retriever looking at the camera while standing in the field

Golden Retriever Characteristics

Golden retrievers have several admirable qualities. Not only are they friendly, but they also have natural athletic abilities while being competitive, leading to the following factors regarding golden retrievers to be considered before getting one to fulfill your needs.


Most golden retrievers are fun to have around as a great source of entertainment for kids. In case somebody generally wants a companion for the company because golden retrievers will be more than satisfactory. Golden retrievers were genuinely bred to work for their owners or other people. They enjoy doing particular tasks throughout the day and love to please their owners.


Golden retrievers are known to be friendly to the point where it has almost become the reason why people get golden retrievers these days. This dog breed is specifically good to be around kids as it provides them with a sense of comfort and distraction while being a source of entertainment. The dog can be occupied in performing tasks as well.


Golden retrievers live up to about 10-12 years. There are some health issues to be aware of, as they may be common in golden retrievers. However, things like teeth cleaning and checking their ears are highly important, and their health must be maintained to the extent of keeping them alive and healthy every day.


While golden retrievers are loyal companions and extremely friendly, an issue that may arise is the constant frustrating shedding. They have thick double-coated fur causing them to leave fur almost everywhere, especially on clothes and furniture, including things like rugs. There are methods to prevent this, but you should consult with your local vet. However, once they're groomed, they have some of the most luscious locks in the entire animal kingdom. Is your retriever looking extra cute after a groom? Frame the look with a custom pet poster!

A Golden Retriever in the field looking away from the camera


Training golden retrievers may be a little simpler than training other breeds, but it may also be difficult as well. Using rewards after attempting small training methods is a good way to get them motivated and interested in what you are teaching them. Learning the right ways to teach a golden retriever is very crucial as well. They should be trained according to certain factors such as age and skill.

Another way to keep them motivated and interested is by making it fun so that they may have their focus on you. Making training a part of the golden retriever’s daily routine can prove to be effective as it speeds up the training process and allows them to understand what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Being calm and patient will benefit you and your golden retriever as they may be slightly more interested. It may also make them understand the task much better, allowing them to perform it easily.


Golden retrievers are known to be one of the most active and hyper dog breeds out there, and it is probably because they previously had the main role as working dogs. Golden retrievers usually have the most energy at the age at which they require lots of exercise and movement, which is around two years approximately at most. It is not common for a golden retriever to be calm and collected at all times unless and until professionals train them.


On a daily basis, a gold retriever should be given 2 cups of dry food and ½ cup of wet food, which should be split into two meals a day to keep them healthy and alive. Doing this will also keep the dog in good shape as they already provide themselves with exercises and activities.

Should You Keep a Golden Retriever?

A Golden Retriever on a dirt road looking at the camera

Certain factors make a golden retriever hard to manage, but that does not outweigh the benefits of getting a golden retriever. They are fun and can do loads of work with good training. Despite a few things, they may also be easier to manage compared to other breeds. Are you a retriever mom/dad? Get a custom pet hoodie to spread the love!