Dogs barking can be similar to babies crying. There are a thousand different reasons why a baby cries. In the same way, you will never really know specifically why your dog barks a lot. And sometimes it is beneficial for both you and your dog to just let it bark, the same way how babies are told to just “cry it out.”

Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking?

People who have pet dogs know the struggle of getting a dog to stay quiet because most of the time, dogs bark for long periods of time. That’s when the question arises, do they get tired of barking? Well, they don’t. They can bark for hours straight because of different reasons.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

There are many reasons why dogs bark. One of the main reasons is that it is simply how dogs communicate. However, a dog’s barking can also be triggered by things such as separation anxiety, boredom, excitement, and mostly fear.


It is very well known that dogs bark to communicate. You may even notice how, when you are out walking your dog and somebody is walking nearby, your dog will most likely begin to bark at them, trying to tell them to get out of their territory. Similarly, your dog barks when you have guests at your house as a form of greeting them. Dogs also bark around their owners as if they are talking to them. Unfortunately, humans cannot understand their language.

A tiny dog is barking while standing on a rug


It is common for dogs to get anxious. To be specific, it’s mostly separation anxiety. You can confirm if your dog has separation anxiety if it barks a lot while you are not home. After all, dogs are pack animals. They will struggle without their owners. They may even get physically aggressive. If you want to help your dog with its separation anxiety, you can always get it desensitized. And try cues such as “I’m heading out now” or “I’m leaving now.”


Dogs can get bored just like humans do. You can tell if your dog is bored when it starts barking for no reason. One way to prevent your dog from being excessively bored is by exercising it. Both physically and mentally. Otherwise, it will bark until it has something to do. We love seeing how our watercolor dog portraits often get dogs very hyped as well!

a dog next to his custom dog painting


As mentioned above, dogs will bark around strangers when on a walk as a way to tell them to get out of their territory. Same way dogs will bark if any unknown person approaches the nearby area. It is normal for a dog to behave this way, and it is also quite common. They are mostly considered or called “territorial dogs.”

How Long Can a Dog Bark?

There isn’t a specific time that dogs bark. It varies all the time and with different dogs, depending on their mood and what might cause it to stop. However, dogs can bark forever. It can go on even if your dog loses its voice or gets hoarse.

How to Stop Excess Barking?

The most important thing to do before training your dog to stop barking excessively is to figure out why it is barking so much. This will help you find ways to prevent it from happening, and it will also help you understand what methods to use on your dog to stop it from barking more than it should.

Reward Good Behavior

One basic part of any dog training is to reward positive behavior. This will keep them motivated and make them attentive to what you are teaching them. It's better to avoid yelling at or grunting at your dog while they are barking. Instead, reward your dog for being silent after a few seconds of it barking.

Provide Stimulation

It is very significant and beneficial for your dog to provide it with both mental and physical stimulation, such as things like learning new tricks, playing new games, and making them earn its food! The reason why it is beneficial is that as long as your dog’s brain remains active, they will not get bored and will find ways to keep themselves occupied. This can reduce their excessive barking.

Teach to be Quiet

Telling your dog to be quiet while barking too much will simply do the opposite of what you want it to do. After telling your dog to “talk,” add a trigger to make it bark. Once it barks, you should reward it. Keep doing this until it learns to “speak” when you ask it. Give your dog the “talk” command once its barking has been reduced. Give it the “quiet” command when it starts barking. Wait for it to stop talking, then after a short while, reward it. Get custom dog designs to show your dog just how amazing they are for listening to your commands!

Final Verdict

This is how you can get your dog to stay quiet and bark on cue. It is not necessary to use it all of the time, as you should allow your dog to bark for certain periods. Therefore, in conclusion, dogs bark for many reasons. Mainly because it is a form of communication. And if your dog is barking excessively, there are reasons for that, and there are also ways to prevent excessive barking. But for that, you must know why your dog is barking so much.