Can cats eat tortillas? This is a question that will plague anyone whose cat happens to eat a piece of tortilla. 

We have got all the answers you seek. Although cats are carnivores, they can eat some food humans eat including tortillas.

Can Cats Eat Flour Tortillas?

Definitely yes! Cats can eat tortillas. The fact that they feed on meat does not restrict them from eating some common food humans eat. Cats can eat human foods like zucchini, asparagus, potato chips, ice cream, sour cream, yogurt, and several others.

However, some other meals taken by humans can be dangerous to cats. For instance, unprocessed milk. This is because cats are lactose intolerant. Any food containing chocolate, onions, and grapes is also harmful to your cat’s health.

Tortillas should be given to cats in moderation and should not replace their main diet because they are carnivores.

Can Cats Eat Tortilla Chips?

can cats eat tortillas

Yes, your feline companion can eat a few pieces of tortilla chips without facing any health complications. Tortilla chips are generally made for human consumption. Therefore, they don’t contain the necessary nutrients needed by carnivores like cats.

So, while feeding your cat some chips won’t cause any harm, they won’t do much good either. You can feed your cat some chips as a snack but not part of its main diet.

Reasons Why Cats Should Eat Tortillas In Moderation

can cats eat tortillas

Although cats can eat tortillas, excess tortillas can be harmful to their health. There are two basic reasons why tortillas should not be fed to cats in excess.

  • Excess salt

For a cat of average size, 21mg of salt is required. 15 pieces of tortilla chips contain about 150 mg of salt, which is more than the required amount. If given above the requirement of salt, they may develop sodium-ion overdose symptoms.

Their electrolyte becomes unbalanced and cells begin to malfunction. Watch out for symptoms of salt poisoning such as stumbling, vomiting, diarrhea, and excessive thirst or urination.

Immediately your cat shows symptoms of sodium ion poisoning, rush off to the vet clinic within 24 hours. Your cat could die from neglect if not taken to the clinic on time. The veterinary doctor can administer IV fluids and balance the electrolyte.

  • The presence of saturated fat

Large amounts of saturated fats are present in tortillas. Saturated fat can lead to obesity, heart problems and can raise the cholesterol level in the human body.

Saturated fat is not a bother to your cat. Cats have a higher level of good cholesterol than bad cholesterol, unlike human beings. Cats cannot survive basically on saturated fat. They also require critical fatty acids (omega-6 and omega-3 fats) in the appropriate ratio (10:1 to 5:1), which are absent in both potato and tortilla chips.

  • Inability to digest starch easily

For cats, there is a deficiency of the enzyme, amylase. This enzyme aids in the digestion of starch and is found in abundance in human saliva. Because of the absence of this enzyme in cats, they are unable to digest starch easily and have been known to suffer from indigestion and also pass out hard stool as a result of eating high-starch meals.

Corn flour makes up the majority of tortillas and corn is known for having a high starch content, with up to 18 g of starch per 100 grams. This means that cats are unable to digest tortillas adequately.

Are Tortillas Bad For Cats?

You can give your cat some of the tortillas or tortilla chips you eat. You must, however, exercise caution in not giving too much and they should not be included in their diet. Encourage them to eat only food that is suitable for them and included in their diet. While you are enjoying your treats, give your cat its treat.

You do not need to worry if your cat takes a bite or two of your tortilla. It would not affect the cat severely unless tortillas are given to your cat frequently. Give your cat a toy or something to play with after a couple of tortilla chips to divert its attention away from the food, if it starts clamoring for more tortillas.