Almost everyone loves cats. Proud cat owners always want to share moments of their cats with others. Luckily captured videos and pictures of the cats do not need to be professional in any way. There are a few tips and tricks to get pictures of your cats to be post-worthy.

Why Cats Don’t Like Pictures

It’s normal for cats to avoid getting their picture taken, as many humans are not photogenic either. After all, they barely ever maintain eye contact for more than a few seconds. They might not want your camera in their face all the time, which is normal. They will feel irritated as they know that their owner is taking pictures of them. However, there are some tips to keep in mind if you want your cat to have the best pictures.

How to Take a Picture with Your Cat

Before snapping the picture, you should ensure your cat is where it is most comfortable in places like its favorite couch, bed or any spot around the house that your cat usually spends time in.

Act Silly

One efficient way to get the attention of your cat is by being silly and goofy around them. Anything to get them to do something or look somewhere picture-worthy. This is a great way for them to look towards you for more than just a few seconds as they will be trying to figure out what’s going on and what you, the cat owner, may want. Despite this, it is good to keep in mind that cats don’t like to hold eye contact beyond a few seconds. If you manage to get someone to take a picture of you acting silly with your cat, think about getting it made into a custom pet T-shirt!

A tabby cat upside down and staring at the camera

Use Cat Toys

Cats will avoid cameras at all costs. Getting them to look into the camera or even pose is difficult. One of the few ways to get their attention is by making noises with objects in one hand and then proceeding to use your other hand to snap the picture. Using objects like plastic bags and squeezing them into a ball will get the cat’s attention as they would turn their head to investigate the noise.

Tapping noises and clicking of fingers will surely do the trick as well. But when they do pay attention to the noise, remember to take a picture while you have the chance as you may get a different chance again.

Feed Treats

Some people may even use cat treats as a way to get their attention, as cats absolutely love eating treats.  Even though some cat owners only use it as a distraction, it is still common to give the cat the treat in between the pictures, especially if they have done a good job. What will get them interested even more is if you get their attention with their all-time favorite treat. It will definitely lead to some good pictures.

Use All Angles

Getting the right angle and sides of the cat when taking its picture is highly significant and plays a vital role. Taking a picture from a Human’s height will ruin the intimacy of the picture. It’s better and most preferable to take pictures of your cat from their level. It captures the cat entirely, along with suitable background objects.

Moreover, through high-quality cameras and the attention of a cat, you can even get the best close-up pictures of your cat. Close-ups are usually the best outcome out of all the pictures taken of cats. They’re just so interesting and have many details. If you do end up getting the right shot, you might want to get perfect custom pet portraits in their honor.

A customer standing in front of their custom pet portrait

Have Patience

Normalize reducing your expectations when it comes to taking pictures of cats. There is a great chance of failure compared to success. You don’t find cats striking poses that often.  During a cat photoshoot, it is important to be patient and enjoy the moment your spending with your cat, allowing them to become comfortable around you for long periods.

Why You Should Take Pictures of Your Cat

Taking pictures of your cat will allow you to share moments of you with your pet and can be saved for you to revisit and experience once again in the future. You could also take pictures of your cat for future needs in case you lose your pet.

Taking pictures is a great way to review the progress and growth of your pet. A few years after taking the picture, you can look back at it and be flooded with memories and can see how much your pet has grown.

Taking pictures of your cat can also allow you to share moments of you and your cat with friends and family and even on social media with people around the world.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, cats are so adorable that their pictures just need to be taken. Taking pictures of your cat has many upsides despite the struggle to get the picture. And in order to get the best post-worthy and memorable picture of your cat, there are a few tips and tricks to do just that, which are simple yet efficient in their own ways.