Dogs are the cutest friends we have and they deserve all the love we can offer.

So, what better way do we appreciate our paw pals this Easter than to express our love for them through beautiful presents?

These easy-to-please fellows will treasure every gift, as it shows how much we appreciate them.

No gift is ever enough for our pawfect best friends, however, little thoughtful gifts keep them wagging their little tails and showing how much they value your show of love.

To share the love of this season, we have brought to you Easter gift ideas that come highly recommended for your canine companion. Below are 15 Easter gifts for dogs.

Carrot Stuffer Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Share the Easter vibe with your paw pal with this fun treat toy. Stuff it with treats and watch as they have fun playing while eating. It's a good toy to entertain the dog while keeping it healthy.

Easter Bunny Headband


These cute furry friends also deserve some colours this Easter season. Allow them to take part in the fun hunt running around with this adorable bunny headband. You can also get a matching headband and rock a picture perfect day with your best furry pal.

Chewy Dog Treats 

Spice up your pet's bowl with some Easter themed chewy surprises this season. They may not be able to join the table with the rest of the family, but they can have their own taste of the delicacy with a bowl full of some delicious chewy treats.

Easter Egg Plush

Watch your dog squeal in delight each time it finds its paws on this adorable fun popping egg plush. You will surely enjoy watching your furry buddy wagging the tail in excitement.

Easter Bunny Decorated Bandana


If your dog has a few drops of the pirate blood and always finds his paws in trouble zones, you shouldn't mind giving him a bit of a free day to explore his suspicions. Let him or her roam around the Easter decorated garden and join in the fun. You can spice up the excitement with a gift of this beautifully decorated Bandana tied carefully around your dog's neck, to give the classic pirate look. 

The Kong Cozie Floppy Rabbit 

A game of hide and seek is more fun with The Floppy Rabbit. Give your dog an exciting plaything this holiday and a good snuggling companion with this adorable Floppy Rabbit.

Lambchop with Easter Bunny Ears 

This soft squeaky dog companion might get you a bit jealous for your dog's attention, but it's worth the joy you see on your pet's face as it spends every minute pawing over it. It never gets bored with a lambchop always by its side.

Easter Themed Pet Teepee

Put a glitter of excitement in the eyes of your furry best friend with this gorgeously decorated little pen. This can serve as a good hiding spot and a place to catch a quick nap. It is a perfect combination of comfy and gorgeous. 

Custom Dog Portrait


Yes, dogs appreciate portraits too. A photo, as a gift to your pet, shows how much you acknowledge its presence around the house. When there's a little extra cash to spare, book a space at the art studio and take a quick photo of your canine friend, to get the most beautiful potrait of you paw pal.

Dog Sofa

Everyone deserves a little bit of comfort,  including your often excited furry friend. A soft comfy sofa is one perfect Easter gift for your dog. This will add to the class and glamour of the already decorated room.

Goodie Bone Dog Toy

This is one treat holding Bone your dog never gets tired of. This toy is fun to play with while enjoying a good treat. It is also a good reminder of their canine bloodline. Add this toy to your dog's Easter gift basket for the perfect holiday gift.

Easter Treat Basket

Let your dog enjoy every part of the season with its own specially prepared basket filled with many colourful treats. You can make one yourself or get an already made one from the store.  

Snuffle Mat

This mat is best suited to keep your dog a bit occupied while you make other preparations around the house for the Easter season. Fill it with all types of treats and give them happy surprises in every sniff. Ensure to put only dry food as wet ones makes the mat a lot messier than you can handle.

Easter Decorated Pet Bowl

This bowl adds to the colour of the season. A rabbit themed food bowl for your dog adds the special Easter spirit to whatever delicious dish you put in there. It can always join the collection of other bowls, cos one is never enough.

Glow in the Dark Collar

Enjoy a comfortable night walk with your canine friend this season by gifting them this colourful Glow in the Dark Collar. It comes in different colours so you can choose what suits your dog best.